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Neck Pain Doctors in Belleville NJ


Neck pain is one of the most common pain complaints we hear from our patients. There are many different sources of neck pain, including trauma, injury, sleeping in an incorrect position, stress - even prolonged computer use. If you are one of the many individuals who has chosen to just live with with the painful symptoms of neck pain, then it's time to consider another option: consider Jersey Rehab.

At Jersey Rehab, our board-certified pain management physicians are here to help. Our neck pain doctors in Belleville NJ and Bronx NY will pinpoint the source of your pain and create a protocol to effectively treat it. If you are looking for neck pain relief, then it's time to consult the experts. Well known for the compassion, care and service, Jersey Rehab can offer your relief and get you on the right track to a pain-free future. Contact our neck pain doctors by calling 973-844-9220, or emailing us.