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We're all excited to see Summer, when we can move outside to where all the action is. BUT - with all of the sitting, couching and general malaise of winter, we sometimes forget that our body is not used to kneeling in the garden, playing frisbee with the kids, or adding an extra golf game to our activities...

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent painful strains and sprains as you increase your physical activity in the warm weather.

  • Go Swimming - Water Therapy is extremely effective for relieving back pains, leg cramps and loosening up painful joints and muscles. If you are not in a regular exercise routine, swimming is a gentle program to help you to begin.
  • Get Biking - A low impact, high aerobic avenue for low back pain, strengthening our core body muscles and improving your balance.
  • Drink More Water - that's right - water! Especially for patients with disc problems. Hydration is key in for replenishing your fluid levels as they diminish during outside activity.
  • Sleep - insomnia seems to worsen in the warm weather months. Changes in schedule, vacationing in different locations, heat and humidity can all affect your sleep habits. Try to keep to your sleep schedule and feel free to go ahead and tak a 10-20 "power" nap to help combat fatigue.
  • Check your feet - give those flip flops a rest when you're not on the beach or at the pool and select a sturdier shoe if possible. Shoes or sandals without any support to them can throw off a body's entire alignment and cause knee, hip and back problems.

Generally, getting OUT makes us all feel better - less aches and pains, more motion and movement - just remember to start off easy and take these simple precautions to maximize the most of your summer days.


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