Now Relieving Your Pain in Hackensack, Rumson, Belleville and Bronx, NY

Most important in your search for the right pain management specialist, is finding the doctor who has the training and experience to help with your particular pain problem, and with whom you feel comfortable and respected.

The severity of your pain will determine the course and methods of your treatment, and your doctor will need to evaluate your condition carefully. A good doctor will take a detailed history, do a physical exam and review any tests you have had performed. He or she will also want to know about your past and current medical history. Sometimes it will be necessary to have diagnostic procedures to assess the causes of your problem in order to determine the best treatment for it.

The end result will be the creation of a highly individualized treatment plan tailored to both your physical and mental needs. This may include both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions, geared toward maximizing function and symptom control while minimizing your dependency on medication.

It’s an exciting time in the field of pain management, as new drugs, techniques and technologies continue to emerge. Platelet rich plasma injections and P-Stim/pulse stimulation treatment are just a few examples of the latest innovations.

Doctors trained to treat pain are dedicated to restoring your quality of life and doing everything in their power to help keep your pain managed and under control, and in the best of cases, banished.


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