PRP Injections for Tendons

PRP Injections for Tendons

A torn tendon can lead to persistent pain, which could become unbearable at times. At Jersey Rehab and Pain Management, our team of experts offer treatment customized to your specific needs. Our aim is to reduce your discomfort, repair damage caused to tissues and joints, and improve the functioning of your joints and muscles, within the shortest possible duration.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a great option to reduce inflammation and promote healing of any tissue damage.

What is PRP?

Plasma-rich platelets are components of blood cells that are known for their ability to help blood clot. They also contain many types of proteins that help in healing. PRP is created by taking a sample of the individual’s blood and then spinning it at high speeds, such that the following components are separated.

  1. Red Blood Cells: These carry oxygen to the tissues and make up for 45% of the blood.
  2. White Blood Cells: This comprises of 1% of the centrifuged blood. The main function is to protect the body against various infections and to clean impurities.
  3. Platelets: The main role of platelets is to help the blood clot. They also help build new tissue.
  4. Plasma: This made up of 92% percent water.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

After the blood components are separated, a high number of platelets can be harvested. This is then reintroduced in the plasma and injected into the specific area that needs healing.

  • Collagen is an essential component of our tendons and ligament tissues. PRP therapy boosts collagen production, which stimulates the healing process.
  • The plasma contains proteins, injecting which strengthens the body to fight against pain and inflammation, while also helping with healing and recovery.

PRP therapy has proven effective is various types of joint, ligament and other injuries or damage. Athletes are known to use PRP to promote healing after an injury.

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